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National Review Goes Full Nazi in Making the Case for Romney


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National Review Goes Full Nazi in Making the Case for Romney

Romney Nazi
Which one is the Nazi propaganda poster and which one is the the cover of the National Review with Romney and Ryan on it? It’s damned hard to tell.

California Democratic Party Chairman John Burton got in some hot water over the weekend for comparing the Republicans’ messaging strategy to Nazi Propaganda Minister Joseph Goebbels’ “big lie"–you know, the one that becomes true if you repeat it often enough. Of course, the Republican outrage machine was, well, outraged. Burton issued a measured apology. Etc. Etc.

But it gets really hard to say that the GOP isn’t taking a page from Goebbels’ playbook when the late William F. Buckley’s old rag, “The National Review,” chooses a cover like this for their big Romney/Ryan issue….

Not only did the cover editors of “The National Review take a bite of any old Nazi propaganda poster, but they took the one from the cover of “State of Deception: The Power of Nazi Propaganda” by Steven Luckert and Susan Bachrach, a book that you can order from the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum.

I guess Mitt’s stronger than any brown shirt though because he can hold up his gigantic flag with only one arm while carrying a bunch of rolled-up propaganda posters in the other. The Nazi stormtrooper needs both hands to hold his banner aloft. Also, it’s nice they added Paul Ryan carrying his high school year book or an old school family photo album back there. It gives the “National Review’s” take on this classic a homey touch of Americana. Maybe the next issue of “The National Review” will feature Romney wearing a suit of armor and carrying the flag while riding Rafalca. Maybe “National Review” hired the graphic designer who used to work for the Meat Council


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