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Anthony Weiner has my MacBook

Oakland designer Joshua Kaufman’s MacBook was stolen out of his apartment. He had a piece of anti-theft software installed on his MacBook called Hidden, which told him where the laptop was and also snapped pics of the guy who stole it. Kaufman told the Oakland police where it was, but they did nothing. He made a Tumblr site called “This Guy Has My MacBook,” where he posted pics of the theif. The story got picked up by CBS News. The Oakland Police got his MacBook back. It was the big story on the Internets last week.

And now that uplifting story of the wonders of today’s technology and our nation’s current tawdry Twitter tragedy called Weinergate have converged into the Tumblr page “Anthony Weiner has my MacBook.” The picture of the shirtless MacBook thief and the topless Weiner do have an eerie similarity. Ah the Internet.

Anthony Weiner Has My MacBook

Beer, Blood and Piecemeal.

The rock and reading odyssey of a 300-pound hulk.

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